Helping Hands Scholarship Fund

Why Partner with St. Matthias School? First off, let’s hear from the kids.




In this current economy, we know that our families face financial challenges.  We are committed to keeping Saint Matthias School affordable.  However, at times, we must sacrifice program expansion and capital improvements in order to provide financial aid so we do not turn away students.  By sponsoring students, and pledging scholarship funds, Helping Hands assist us in keeping the mission of Saint Matthias School alive and thriving.

The Need:

In advance of each school year, families must apply for financial aid.  This school year, 58 families qualified for financial aid, totaling over $150,000. Increasing our scholarship fund through Helping Hands allows us to provide this financial assistance without compromising our academic and enrichment programs. The need is urgent! And you can help…


Levels of Support:

There are many levels of support.  For example, to support one student, the requested contribution is $4,000 for one year.  Please refer to the Letter of Intent for more information about sponsorship.


Once you sponsor a child:

You will receive an introduction letter from the St. Matthias student you are sponsoring.  The Helping Hands Coordinator will work with our scholarship students throughout the year to write letters and cards to the Helping Hand, which include updates on their progress in school.  Helping Hands are also invited to various activities and events to see the school and to meet the student(s) they have sponsored.

Helping Hand Letter of Intent 2012-2013

Donate online one-time here, or use your GiveCentral account here to pledge regular support.