Ms. Kleczek and the 8th Grade Class

We at St. Matthias believe that equipping our students with the tools for the future centers around exposure to technology.  All students have regular use of computers both in the classroom and in weekly computer classes.  Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade have access to 30 new iPads, which allow them the mobility to easily access the Internet and a plethora of math, reading, language, and other applications tied directly to the curriculum.

First Grade Students using iPads During Centers

Kindergarten Students using iPads During Centers

In middle school the students are given one-to-one access to technology with their own laptops for school use.  Currently the 6th and 7th grade students use Netbooks and the 8th grade class has laptops. This emphasis on technology allows for seamless cross-curricular connections.  Further it allows for continual exposure to current issues and emphasizes all facets of using technology as a vehicle for communication.

6th Grade Students Using Their Netbooks in Math Class

Six classrooms have Promethean or Interwrite interactive whiteboards.  Teachers regularly utilize these boards as a means of supplementing instruction in every subject, keeping students engaged, and assessing learning.  Further, our eight Mobi boards allow for mobile use of the board from anywhere in the classroom.  Both the Mobi slates and the interactive whiteboards are supplemented with learner response systems, or “voters,” so teachers can present material and receive immediate feedback from students in order to direct instruction more effectively or to formally assess learning.





5th Grade Student Using Mobi board and Interactive Whiteboard