Creative Arts

St. Matthias offers additional creative arts to all students in PK-8th grade as part of our mission to deliver a well-rounded education to each child. The following classes are included in the weekly schedule:


Students in K-5th grade have weekly computer classes with Ms. Gould using our Chromebooks and I-Pads.  The students engage in activities designed to help them use the computer as a learning tool.  They gain experience with Microsoft Office applications, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  In addition, students use keyboarding software, Kidspiration, Inspiration, and are exposed to many educational Internet websites.

Physical Education

Students in grades K to 8 meet with Ms. Sagert twice a week for physical education class, and PK students attend once a week.  The students participate in age-appropriate, kinesthetic activities designed to keep them active, engaged, and having fun, while promoting a healthy lifestyle.  Weather permitting, PE classes are held outside, and students are required to wear their gym uniform and gym shoes.


Music is provided once a week by Mr. Magwire for the PK, by Mrs. Vrotny for students in K-5, and by Mrs. Reckamp for students in grades 6 to 8.

Students have the opportunity to showcase their work at the annual Christmas Pageant and the Spring Art & Music show.

Music is an important part of our Friday school liturgies. Mrs. Reckamp leads the Choir, which includes students in grades 2 to 8.


Mrs. Downey teaches Art to the K-8th grade students.  The curriculum focuses on self-expression through a variety of media, including: painting, drawing, sculpting, and more. Student art work adorns the hallways at school year-round, and is on exhibit during the annual Spring Art & Music show.


Students in Grades PK-8 receive Spanish instruction twice a week from Mrs. Morales.  The Spanish curriculum involves vocabulary and grammar skill development, fluency exercises, and cultural awareness.