Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

St. Matthias School, a partnership of families and teachers, develops students who think critically, value diversity, and act with a compassionate worldview. Guided by our Catholic faith, we respect and respond to each child’s needs through interdisciplinary instruction that challenges our students to apply their learning beyond the classroom.


We Believe:

  • Academic excellence is emphasized in order to develop critical thinking, logical reasoning, and creative problem solving skills.
  • Access to, and regular use of, current technology and curricular materials contribute to preparing students for a constantly changing world.
  • We embrace and enhance the lives of students from all social, racial, cultural and religious backgrounds.
  • Our purpose is to create a learning, praying, serving, Catholic educational community for our students.
  • St. Matthias School provides a stable and caring atmosphere that fosters each student’s individual growth according to his or her unique talents and abilities.
  • Parents and teachers contribute to the education and development of our students.
  • Children have an active role in their education and should participate in the learning process appropriate to their developmental level.
  • St. Matthias School is an integral part of our parishes and the Lincoln Square community.

We believe we can provide your child excellence in education while teaching Values For Life.