A Big Halloween Thank You…

Thank you to all the parents who made Halloween so much fun for St. Matthias and its students.  Your hard work and good spirits made it such a nice day!!

Thanks to the Davis Theater for the wonderful donation of a popcorn treat!  The kids loved it!!!

Thanks to all the parents who joined us inside for our costume parade.  (Maybe next year the weather will cooperate and we’ll parade outside. ) The students really enjoyed showing you their costumes!

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When It’s Cold Outside….

As the temperatures drop and we are entering another Chicago winter, please be sure students are dressed appropriately.  With colder temperatures, coats are a necessity.  When it is below freezing, hats and gloves or mittens are needed.  For the safety and health of our students, children who aren’t dressed warmly enough may be kept inside from recess.

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Halloween (and Red Ribbon Week) Happenings…

St. Matthias School

Red Ribbon Week and Halloween Update:

Please read the list below to know what is “unique” to each day for this week.

Monday, October 27: Red Ribbon Week begins- Students may wear a red accessory such as hat, socks, belt, or sunglasses.

Tuesday, October 28: Since Halloween is Friday, the school will be celebrating Mass at 8:15 today. Junior High students should come to the main campus.

Wednesday, October 29: Red Ribbon Week- Students may wear funky socks today.

Thursday, October 30: PreK Halloween celebrated today. Watch for details from the PreK teachers.

Friday, October 31: Halloween. Students in Grades K-6 may bring and change into appropriate (non-violent) costumes.  Masks may not be worn, since frequently they get in the way of vision.  All students in K-8 may dress down.  Students in Grades 1-8 will participate in Spooky Sports activities.  Students in grades K-6 will participate in a Costume Parade in the afternoon.

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Check out the CBS News coverage of St. Matthias and the IB Opening Ceremony.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY_Z1MhUZ60&feature=youtu.be

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IB Opening Ceremony

St. Matthias teachers, students, and parents were joined by:

Sr. Mary Paul McCaughey, Superintendent of the Archdiocese of Chicago, Alderman Pat O’Connor of the 40th ward, Alderman Ameya Pawar of the 47th ward,  faculty from Loyola University of Chicago, DePaul University, and several International Baccalaureate (IB) high schools, the Big Shoulders Fund, and many parishioners, alumni, and friends to celebrate our inaugural year as an IB World School.

Speeches by Fr. John Sanaghan, pastor, and Mrs. Gail Hulse, principal of the Upper School, explained how the IB program supports of mission as a Catholic school  and opens up the world to our students.  Eighth grade student, Elisabeth McGovern, shared her experience as an IB Middle Years Programme student and how this program will help her in the future.  Keith O’Connor, seventh grader, confidently welcomed the audience in Spanish, demonstrating the International Baccalaureate Programme’s commitment to second language development.

The final speech by Sr. Mary Paul congratulated the staff, parents, and student for the historic accomplishment as she shared very simply and genuinely, “I love you.”  The ceremony concluded with the St. Matthias choir singing “Young People of the World” and the unveiling of a banner which will be installed on the school building announcing our status as an Internatonal Baccalaureate World School.   St. Matthias is proud to be the first Catholic elementary school in the state of the Illinois certified to offer the IB Middle Years Programme, and the seventh in the nation.

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It Takes a Village….

It took many hands and generous donations to make Thursday’s IB Opening Ceremony a memorable success.  We would like to thank:

Annika Mitchell                     Leisa Hancock,                       Margaret O’Conor

Karyn McGovern                  Geoff Wilson                          Tony Lopez

Dan O’Connor                       Linda Santone                       Cathy Hasmonek

Virginia Mann                       Tom Labadie


We had generous support from the Lincoln Square community as well.  Special thanks to:

  • Old Town School of Folk Music musicians, Yahvi Pichardo and Maria McCullough, for providing music before and after our ceremony
  • Lincoln Square Farmers Market vendors Mick Klug Farms, Lange’s Farm and Greenhouse, Gayle’s Cheeses, Dotson Farms, Madsen Farms, The Breadman, River Valley Farms, The Florist
  • Misericordia bakery
  • George Lopez from McDonalds
  • the Kyle family

Thank you in advance to Mike Vacala and John Tuttle for coordinating the installation of the IB banner on our school building.

We would be remiss not to thank our Middle Years Programme students for their preparations for the event, as well as our teachers, and beautiful choir under the direction of Mrs. Jennifer Reckamp.




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We Are a Big Deal!!!!!!

St Matthias School has been mentioned on the Archdiocesan News and Events page!  Being the first IB School in the Archdiocese is definitely worth attention…

Follow this link to the page and enjoy:



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Interested in Enrolling?

Are you interested in enrolling your child at St. Matthias School for the 2014-2015 school year? Please contact Admissions Director Carmen White at info@stmatthiasschool.org. Have a wonderful summer!

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It’s official! St. Matthias is an IB World School!

On May 14th we learned that St. Matthias School has been accredited as an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and is authorized to offer the Middle Years Programme in our junior high (6th, 7th, & 8th grades).  This makes St. Matthias the first Catholic elementary school in the state of Illinois to offer an IB Programme and the seventh in the nation!  We surprised our students after Mass today with this great news and a celebration in the garden.

The authorization letter from the IB’s director general in Geneva, Switzerland came four months earlier than we had hoped.  This was the final step in a three year long process of extensive preparation, teacher training and implementation of the IB Middle Years Programme.

The Middle Years Programme has transformed our Junior High.  Our teachers are planning collaboratively across disciplines and challenging our students to think deeply and critically about real issues.  Our students have become more self-aware, understanding themselves as learners, and have developed strong leadership and communication skills.  IB authorization is a monumental accomplishment which will ensure that our educational program continues to strengthen and fully prepares our students for personal, academic, and professional success.

So, now that we are authorized, what’s next?  The IB teachers will continue to collaborate to develop and improve IB instruction in grades six through eight.  We also have the goal of becoming authorized to offer the Primary Years Programme (PYP) in grades preschool through five within the next three years.  Teachers in the lower grades will begin to attend IB trainings as early as this summer to prepare for this transition.photo (1)


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A Day at our School

Take a look at the amazing things happening at St. Matthias School. This video shows all of the happenings in just one typical St. Matthias day. Enjoy and then click here to learn how to become a part of our school.

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